One of the questions I receive most often is

“How Do I Set or Negotiate Voice Over Rates?”

There are several factors that make today’s market the “Wild West” of setting voice over rates, including:

  • More clients and projects needing voices than ever before

  • More voice talent than ever before

  • Clients often deal directly with talent, making it necessary to be equipped to negotiate

  • There is no single “gatekeeper” (i.e., union or agent) to handle this task if you work outside of your agent

In the recording of this webinar titled: "Setting Voice Over Rates" You'll Learn:

  • The 3 variables that impact price
  • When to use a rate card (and when NOT to)
  • Why you should always get something in return when you concede on price
  • How to negotiate a rate that makes you and the client happy
  • The Universal Truth of the “low-ball client”
  • Whether or not your rates impact the “industry at large”
  • How to increase your value (and prices) with clients
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The reality is that as a voice talent, you are a business owner. As a business owner, it’s in your best interest to be equipped to set and/or negotiate rates that maximize your profitability AND keep clients coming back.

In this video recording of this webinar you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and confidence you need to maximize your profit potential and create happy clients.

No matter where you are in your VO career, you’ll want to learn to perfect your skills at negotiating rates.

Gain access to the video of this webinar now for just $49. You’ll make or save much more than that the first time you use or implement just ONE idea you get from this event!

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Wishing you great voice over success!


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